sailing in macedonia

If you got tired of resting on land and wish to feel the lake’s breeze on your sking and possibly wish to get wet, then prepare yourself for some fun on the waves at Lake Ohrid. Ohrid and Struga are the only places where you can enjoy sailing in the region. Enjoy the moving panorama of the old town, the blue sky and the crystal clear fresh waters that are drinkable at spots. You will bask in the unforgettable view of the settlements that look like a necklace of beautiful pearls that are link ed next to each other, as well as the changes of the lakes color from shallow blue to deep turquoise and green hues. See the sun set over the mountain, romance in the moonlight and feel the wind play with your sail.

Let us introduce you to the Ohrid Lake from a different view with licensed and experienced skippers by international maritime standards to guide you. It is known that water heals and rests the soul. With favorable wind behind you and full sails, up the adrenaline pleasure…