Riding Donkeis and Horses

riding horses in macedonia

For sure you haven’t seen a donkey and a horse, once most important means of transportation, in live recently. They are used as such in the high mountainous villages even today, but in our region, mostly as a tourist attraction. Beyond any doubt, this will be a different way for you to experience nature’s wilderness. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of our lakes from the heights of the surrounding area. You will feel the Lakes as if it is at the palm of your hand, feel the bubbling mountain streams and the silence of the old beech forest, the purity of the mountain sun and the sound of mountain wind. Of course the taste of home-prepared food produced in environmentally clean natural conditions will stay in your memory for a long, long time… To overnight in a “Hotel with a Million Stars” under the open sky, besides Camp Fire, with a song and homemade grape brandy, that’s what we call an experience…

Worth mentioning is that tourists can participate with the everyday life of the villagers, like gathering wood for fire, grill potatoes on open fire… you will be able to hear the sounds of traditional Macedonian instruments: bagpipes and kaval (Macedonian fife), and even learn how to play on them. In this kind of environment you will forget the stress of everyday life and discover the values which have almost disappeared under the conquest of “civilization” of our time. Who still remembers the sound of a water mill and the site of a woman, spinning wool on a handmade loom?

Well, in Southwest Macedonia you can!