Paragliding in Macedonia

Paragliding is a different way of experiencing the space around us, and maybe a flight under the sky is just what the doc tor ordered for your vacation. The magnificent mountain ranges and ridges around the vast valleys and lakes, especi ally with highly active thermal air currents allow around 30 km of flight and several hours hovering in the air, not to mention the fantastic scenery of the lakes and the beautiful green and dense forests. This is a country that lives with the narcotic scent of pure and untouched nature present in all its corners. Let’s conquer the sky together and land safely on the banks of the Lake. Let it be our goal!

Paragliding in Macedonia is promoted and regulated by the air Federation of Macedonia, a member of the International Federation of Air Sports.

Licensed instructors will help you master the techniques of flying in tandem, which is the quickest and safest way to experience paragliding for the first time. Open yourself to new friendships and memorable entertainment. With us the adven ture never stops, join us and start your adventure today.