Medicinal Baths

Medicinal Baths In Macedonia

Debar valley and its wider area, which houses and Debar Spa Capa, is characterized by the existence of numerous minerals and mineral waters, which again, are of special interest for the development of this region. Besides the picturesque river Radica and Lake Debar, Kosovrasti spring is located at the close proximity, while at the foot of Mount Krcin, 4 km North-West of Debar, is the spring of Banjishte. Archaeological studies show that the thermo-mineral waters of this region were used since the Roman Empire. The Ottomans built the first pools in 1797 which still exist today and can be visited by guests. Nature has given to this region sources of natural thermal waters which continuously run throughout the year with a constant temperature of 38° C. According to the examination of the water and the certificate issued by a renowned institute AKAO from Switzerland, the springs are hyper-thermal, rich in various minerals and are radioactive. This characteristics of the physical and chemical composition allows the curative effect of the human body, thus the springs are ranked among the first in Europe and third in the world for their healing properties. Today there are two spa centers built at the site, with modern accommodation facilities and specialized medical and professional staff. The facilities are used for health services, as well as an open type centers for recreational purposes, sports preparation and tourism.

Hot springs with an ideal temperature, a gift of nature to regenerate your body…