Kayaking & Rafting

Kayaking and Rafting MacedoniaKayaking at some parts of river Drim is a real challenge for lo vers of extreme water sports, and a real opportunity to define the position of man in relation to the dimension of nature.

Summer is an ideal time for rafting especially if you’re a beginner, then rivers and acumulations are at lower water levels, which reduces the dangers that are possible in this extreme sport.

River Drim basin, begins at Lake Ohrid and con tinues as far as the Adriatic Sea, making it a wonder of nature, providing ideal conditions for rafting.

For those more experienced the best time to feel the real challenge of the river is spring and autumn, when the river streams show all their power, recommended only for adrenalin addicts.

Information’s about historical sites and description of the strems, as well as weather conditions of the certain area are displaced all over the river basin, to prevent the best protection against the elements.