Hunting in macedonia

Hunting represents one of the earliest practices for survival in prehistory. Hunters first used the stone as a weapon, than followed spears, bow and arrow up to firearms. The drive and passion of the prehistoric hunter remains ingrained in us today, in a constructive way, in the form of sports, hobbies, recreation of the modern man, in today’s civilization which is alienated from nature, but still encourage the instincts and feelings to return to nature, to return to himself. Hunting allows temporarily distance from everyday life, forgetting work and responsibilities. Resting and enjoying the beauty of nature and wild life, and being in companionship with other enthusiasts as yourself. Recognizing the beauty of flora and fauna, hunters enrich their feelings and relationship to nature, an attitude which at the same time is a commitment to nature and wild life.

Planned and rational utilization of game through hunting is an integral part of modern hunting management. Under optimal conditions he multiplies, grows, protects and hunts various games such as: ordinary deer, fallow deer, roe deer, goats and wild pigs. Descending in the lowland, the downstream rivers region abounds with rabbits and various species of feathered game, partridges, turtledoves, quail and pheasant.

In catchment areas one can use more types of services such as off-road vehicle, horses, dogs, hire guns and ammunition or just observe the sport by visiting hunting points.