fishing in macedonia

Humanity has been involved in the practice of fishing for at least 40 000 years (early Paleolithic age). Fly fishing is probably the most widespread applied technique of fishing in the world and Macedonia has a very special role in it… In the entire world encyclopedia, at the chapter of fly-fishing, it is clearly mentioned that the first record of artificial fly-fishing originates in Macedonia. This has definitely something to do with the abundance of streams, rivers and lakes in this, “Fairy Tale like country”. This ancient technique of fishing is especially used in the region of Ohrid and is called “blinker”. The Technique is unique because the trout is caught at great depths and is applicable only in Lake Ohrid, which differs from the so called “trolling”. It is also said that the trout is like a golden fish, and it fulfills all the wishes once it is consumed with abundance of delicious Macedonian red wine.

Yield yourselves to the challenge. You are welcomed to catch the golden fish and enjoy its taste with a glass of wine by the lakeside…