diving in macedonia

Adventure in the underwater world of million years old tectonic lake hides thousands of secrets within. Pure as a tear, water absorbs the sun’s rays violating the depths and creating the spectrum of colors which gives you a sense of being surrounded by pearls all around you, Lake Ohrid is the largest reservoir of drinking water in the world with translucency of water over 20 m. There isn’t a man who has approached its sandy shores which are part of the picturesque landscape, who doesn’t wish for a moment to dive into the depths in a new adventure, an adventure that will take you back three thousand years back in history. Bay of bones – Mico city is a prehistoric Bronze Age settlement. It was the habitat of our ancestors who built over the water – pile dwellings, and underwater surveys revealed about 6000 piles which are based on the great platform on which the houses were built.

The age of the lake dates also to the age of the flora and fauna that are found in the pearly waters. The lake abounds with relict and endemic species of organisms. From the presence of flora and fauna even 146 species are endemic making it the most populous lake in the world, which is the reason for acquiring the name “museum of living fossils”, and declaring the lake by UNESCO in 1979 as a the world natural heritage site.

Imagine, all this natural and cultural heritage at the reach of your hands, and that you become part of it in the depths of pearls. Under the standards of Scuba School International in the Bay of bones, running is the diving center where you can take the advantage and the opportunities to learn to dive. To learn to dive is easy when training is provided by a professional team of international instructors.

Dive with us, live the most exciting moments in your life, the challenge is before you, accept it…