Climbing, Hiking & Trekking

Climbing Hiking And Trekking

To discover the secrets of our beautiful region and to feel the traditions of our people, you will need to travel into the heart of untouched nature, to climb steep rocky verticals, to explore the dense forests, endless plains and sharp mountain ridges, to climb high peaks, to ski steep slopes and long snowy valleys, be reflected in clear glacial lakes, to get drunk from the smell of countless mountain flowers, to sleep covered with starry skies and warm rays of the morning sun…

And when you feel the warmth of the snow then the night light will reveal the secret called Macedonian adventure…

Our region offers hidden treasures for all seekers of real adven ture, for those with recreational appetites, easy and memo rable walks through the magic of mountain ridges and peaks, surrounded by endless valleys, river canyons and lakes, and for those with extreme wishes there are countless of rocky still unexplored vertical frozen waterfalls and kilometers of long mountain trails ideal for trekking and tour skiing.

Our care will turn your dreams into an unforgettable mountain adventures. For this purpose we organize: Trekking tours from all categories (One or more); Camping – educational and for fun; Summer and winter alpine ascents; Climbing on artificial cliff halls; Turney tours; Team building activities adapted to the needs and desires of your employees.

Our office has two categories of professional leaders: International leaders in the mountain, trained under the highest stan dard IML, members of the International UIMLA and Alpine national leaders trained under the regulations and program of the Macedonian climbing Federation.

Do not hesitate, feel the challenge!