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vevcani springs
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Vevcani is a small village community hidden high up on the slopes of Jablanica mountain. The village itselfs is an open air museum, with its traditional architecture and long history. The masonry skills are carried here from generation to generation and are still the basic occupation of the population. The renowned Vevcani springs flow at 1500 liters per second in the wet periods of the year. The rumbling water flowing from the Earth’s crust is shaping pools of different sizes, full of clear drinking water. Vevcani is also well known for its traditional carnival, which is as old as the village itself i.e. 1 400 years. The carnival is held each year on January 13-14 in honor of the Orthodox New Year. Since 1993 Vevcani with its carnival is a member of the World’s Association of Carnivals.

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