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“There is no other place like Struga”, it is often said about Struga, the city of poetry which has been hosting an International Poetry Festival since 1966. The long-term success of the festival is confirmed by the participation of over 4000 poets from 95 countries so far.

The city is situated in the Struga valley, at the foothill of mountain Jablanica. The Black Drim River divides the city into two banks that are interconnected with 7 bridges. The river represents the end of the lake and the beginning of the river Drim basin, shaping the two artificial lakes of Globocica and Debar lake whose water is used to produce electricity in two hydroelectric plants. On the Western (left) side of the river rises the Jablanica mountain ridge, which is a natural border with the Republic of Albania. The mountain is known as a place where the famous Roman caravan road Via Egnatia once existed. When the weather conditions allow, from the summit of the mountain you can see as far as the Adriatic Sea. On the right side of the canyon stretches the Karaorman mountain, with a dense forest perfect for hunting, and its towering peaks are a paradise for alpinists and mountain climbers.

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