The municipality of Debar is located in the southwestern part of the Debar area surrounded by the mountains Deshat, Stogovo and Jablanica. The area is known for its numerous hot springs rich in sulfur. The water quality is highly ranked in both Europe and the world. Through millions of years these sources of water accumulated crystals of calcium and sulfur, thus creating large reserves of the most popular construction material in use, calcium sulfate – gypsum (gyprock). You can see a wealth of crystals in some of the mine-caves in Debar region, which are opened for tourist visits. A long tradition of woodcarving has its roots in this region and is known as Debar Woodcarving School. The woodcarving masters have an ongoing tradition in making sculptures, statues, interiors and furniture that is alive today. Some of this artwork can be found in world renowned museums and galleries. Debar is also widely known for a number of crafts including carpet weaving and production of traditional folk instruments.

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