About Us

EDEN – The Tourism Cluster


EDEN – The Tourism Cluster (TC) of Southwest Macedonia is an independent, non-political and non-profit association, which brings together representatives from the private, public and civil sectors from Southwest Macedonia in the idea of a successful development and management of sustainable tourism.

Established in 2011, EDEN strives to unite tourist offerings from the region, to develop and promote new products on the basis of the region’s rich natural, cultural heritage, authentic and traditional hospitality, and raise the quality of offered tourist services through the close cooperation of different service providers.

In our work we follow principles of eco-tourism such as: Minimizing negative impacts, building environmental, cultural awareness and respect, providing positive experiences for both visitors and hosts, and providing financial benefits and empowerment for local people.

The brochure in your hands is a product of our enthusiasm and devotion to tourism as a leading green industry in the region. The name comes from Eden (our region as “paradise on Earth”) and Eden (the Macedonian word for “one” and “unique”) symbolizing the distinction of the region on the one hand and the integrative action of the Cluster members on the other.

Get out and experience Southwest Macedonia through the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Experience freedom… excitement… enlightenment… while paragliding in the sky, walking and cycling through the mountains in the region, sailing, swimming, and diving in fresh lake waters, kayaking or fishing in the rivers… Discover the secrets of the caves and the miracles of mother nature. And then, the fire in your heart from your day’s adventure with a glass of wine and a delicious meal.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in the region,
EDEN is the way!


Macedonia Cradle of Culture


Macedonia is a small but wonderful country which will captivate you with its pristine nature, preserved heritage, authenticity and traditional hospitality.

“Mother of the World” or “Mother Earth”, this is the true meaning of the word Macedonia. It is a place that will bring you back 10 000 years, to the dawn of civilization, a place mentioned in the Bible, a place where you will discover everything you wanted to know about the beginnings of human culture.

An old traditional song says “Where the sun eternally shines, there is Macedonia”, which sheds light on why the sun is a symbol of modern Macedonia, as it was in the Macedonian Kingdom of 700 BC. The sun, as a symbol, is deeply engraved in every Macedonian’s soul and is still represented on the flag.

Although small in size, Macedonia has a wealth of history and an abundance of registered archaeological sites from various historical periods.

The Macedonian heart beats in 7/8 time, the rhythm of the local folk music. Once you listen to it you will be moved to your feet because it will make you dance, even if you are listening to it for the first time. This Land of the Sun is also a land of aromas and flavors which are passed from generation to generation. The traditional Macedonian cuisine is a combination of the diverse Balkan cuisine, with hints of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences.

Thanks to clean unpolluted soil, which has captured the bright sun and clear water, you have a rare opportunity to smell and taste nature, ranging from cereals, vegetables, fruits, milk and dairy products, as well as delicious meat and meat products.

Taste Macedonia a glass of wine, an inseparable element of how the population lives. Historians have written that wine was always a part of everyday life in this areas and that cultivating grapes was to be found in the Balkans as early as 2000 BC. Homer wrote that wine is the drink of Gods and the intense aroma of charming fruit flavors with natural freshness in Macedonian vintages will make you believe it.

We invite you into a world of ancient stories, the place where for a moment, you will feel the past but also the beauty of the present moment.

Mystical and timeless… Macedonia.